CHM-2-HTML Introduction

Do you need to provide your product's documents both in print and CHM file format? Do you want to create a printable HTML document from CHM file while you don't have any CHM skills?

Just forget your trouble and let CHM-2-HTML serve you. CHM-2-HTML is a tool that can convert your CHM files into printable HTML documents.

With CHM-2-HTML, you can create HTML document from CHM file easily without any HTML or CHM skills. Just a mouse click, the HTML document will be created in seconds. The format and styles are kept. The images are kept in the generated HTML document. And anything in the original CHM files are kept in the alone HTML/MHTML (*.html, *.mht) document.

The command line of CHM-2-HTML can be used to generate HTML document from CHM file automatically.


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