Using Command Line

You can use CHM-2-HTML command line when you need CHM-2-HTML to create HTML document from CHM file automatically for you in batch file, or in scheduled task, etc. The command line of CHM-2-HTML is as below:

CHM-2-HTML.exe /pFile=<File> [/pAuto=1] [/pOverwrite=1] [/pOutPath=<Path>] [/pOp:<Option>=<Value>;…]


project. chm2html [/pAuto=1] [/pOverwrite=1] [/pOutPath=<Path>] [/pOp:<Option>=<Value>;…]


/pFile=<File>: The CHM-2-HTML project file or source CHM file you want to open.

/pAuto=1: Create the HTML file automatically and then close CHM-2-HTML.

/pOverwrite=1: Overwirte existing HTML file without prompts.

/pOutPath=<Path>: Path/Directory/Folder of the output HTML


  Some options in the .chm2html project:

/pOp:OnlyDecompile: Options “Only Decompile CHM”, true/false

/pOp:SaveAsHTML: Options “Save As HTML (.html)”, true/false

/pOp:SaveAsMHTML: Options “Save As MHTML (.mht)”, true/false

/pOp:ParseHeaderFooter: Options “Remove Header and Footer”, true/false

/pOp:AutoParseHeaderFooter: Options “Skip Preview Dialog”, true/false

/pOp:DealLinks: Options “Deal with Links”, true/false