Basic Concepts of Template

A CHM-2-Web template is a set of files. Usually, a CHM-2-Web template contains a template definition file, a topic page file, a script file, an optional preview file and other files (images, style sheets, javascripts, etc.). These files are used by CHM-2-Web to create web help system files from the Word document.

Template files are text files (*.html, *.asp, *.jsp, *.aspx, *.php, *.css, *.js, etc.) with some embedded tags in it. The embedded tags are also called “scripts”. CHM-2-Web uses Nuva Language as its scripting language.

The syntax of Nuva scripts (embedded tags) in the template is similar to Xsp (asp,, php, jsp, etc.). The Nuva scripts are embedded in “<.” and “.>” (or “[.” and “.]”) and that Xsp scripts are embedded in “<%” and “%>”. Any Nuva statement (e.g. output, variable declares, function declares, control statements) can be used in the template of CHM-2-Web.

Don’t worry! Nuva language skills are not required while creating a template.

Below is an example of using Nuva scripts in the template:


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