The “Settings.xml” file defines the template options and presets. You may configure the options in the “Template Settings” dialog. See “Configure a Template”.

Below is the structure of the Settings.xml:


Template properties:

1.    Version: Version of the template engine. Should be “2” currently.

2.    Search: True/False, Indicate if the template is searchable.

3.    Frame: True/False, Indicate if the template is framed.


Settings (Options):

The “Settings” node defines the template options and their default values. The CHM-2-Web template engine supports 4 types of option:

1.    Color selector: <Color /> sub-node

2.    Checkbox: <Check /> sub-node

3.    Single-line textbox: <Text /> sub-node

4.    Multi-line textbox: <Text Lines=”count” /> sub-node

Option properties:

1.    Name: The option name. Should be unique in the template. The option value can be accessed by “Set.Name” in the template, e.g., “Set.HomeText” like below:

2.    Text: The text value will be shown as label in the “Template Settings” dialog.

3.    Value: The default value of the option.


Presets (Predefined option values):

A template can include many predefined option values, this is called preset.


Preset properties:

1.    Name: The name of the preset. Will be listed in the “Preset” drop-down list on the “Template Settings” dialog.

2.    Other Properties: The property name is the option name defined in the settings node.


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