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Do you have a need for providing product document in print format, offer a CHM help file in the installation package, and put the document on your website for viewing online?

How do you deal with it? Using different tools for different kind of document is the common approach, looks like this:

1.    Creating the printable document with a word processing software.

2.    Creating the chm help file with a chm tool.

3.    Creating the web help with a HTML editor.

How will things look like when the documents need to be changed? Do the job again? That is time wasting and terrible.

Now with Macrobject DocAuto products, you need only one copy of Word document to solve all the problems easily.

1.    Creating the printable document with Microsoft Word.

2.    Convert the Word document to CHM help in a few seconds with Word-2-CHM.

3.    Convert the Word document to HTML based Web help (Net help) quickly with Word-2-Web.

DocAuto products also contain other software that can be helpful to you:

1.    CHM-2-Web: Convert existing chm file to Web help (Net help).

2.    CHM-2-Word: Convert existing chm file into editable Word document.

3.    CHM-2-HTML: Convert existing chm file to printable single HTML file.


Implement your single source document management solution with Macrobject DocAuto products today!


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