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Create Proper Document Outline

*     What is outline? Outline is the structure of a source document.  It also called document map.  Help Authoring Suite creates the topic tree of the Help System according to the outline of the source document.

*     What are headings? Headings are sentences or phrases formatted with a built-in heading style (Heading 1 through Heading 9) or outline level (Level 1 through Level 9) in the source document.


Create Document for Help Authoring Suite 2012, ChmHelp Authoring Suite 2012 and WebHelp Authoring Suite 2012

1.       Document map / outline, Macrobject Help Authoring Suite creates the help topic tree according to this outline.

2.       A level 1 topic / heading

3.       The level 1 topic is formatted with the style “Heading 1”.  Level 2 topics are formatted with style “Heading 2” and level 3 topics are formatted with style “Heading 3”.

4.       A level 1 topic in the document map / outline



*      Before creating the Help System, please make sure the source document includes a proper outline.

*      Open the Document Map Panel and exam if the outline is exactly what you want.
In Word 2010:
Show Navigation Pane in Microsoft Word 2010
In Word 2007:
Show Document Map in Microsoft Word 2007



*      Microsoft Training:  Create a document outline


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