Macrobject Help Authoring Suite is a suite of help authoring tools.  You can use it to generate the following help files from a single source document:

*    Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM Help, CHM Classic)

*    Unicode CHM Help (CHM Modern, the next generation CHM help)

*    Web Help System

*    Website

Help Authoring Suite does not include a word processor.  You can use your favorite word processor to create the source document.  Help Authoring Suite 2012 supports the following document types:

*    Microsoft Word documents

*    OpenOffice Writer documents

*    WPS documents

*    RTF files

*    HTML files:  All major word processors have the ability to export their document to HTML files.


Help Authoring Suite provides many settings to control the source documents and the output Help Systems.  You can change all of the settings via a friendly GUI.  You can also change the settings to generate professional help systems.  Help Authoring Suite supports projects and project templates to re-use your settings.  This helps you to work easily and effectively.  Help Authoring Suite also supports command line input for build server in batch mode or service mode.

For advanced users, Help Authoring Suite provides more extended APIs to customize templates and add-ins.  With these customize templates and add-ins, anything is possible.


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