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Object-Relation Mapping

  • Accessing database in the manner of object-oriented
  • Related Object/ObjectSet lazy-load
  • Supports field/property lazy-load
  • Supports transaction processing and object state rollback
  • Object-set cache can maximally improve the performance

Supports a Variety of Databases

  • Migrate to another database without altering code
  • Migrate to another database without recompile

XObject XML Database

  • High performance
  • Switch to other database without changing code
  • Supports object query language

Object Query Language (OQL) Based on Native Delphi Language

  • Based on native language but not string
  • Context tips (CodeInsight) during editing
  • Syntax check while compiling
  • More readable and maintainable

Convenient and Easy-to-use Object-Filter

  • Be used for database's query, update and delete operations
  • Be used for object-sets' select, update and delete operations
  • More simple to query and select objects
  • More simple to update and delete objects in batches

Powerful ObjectSet

  • Multiple sort modes, including OQL
  • Multiple filter modes, including OQL and object-filter
  • Multiple update modes, including OQL and object-filter
  • Export to XObject XML database
  • Import from XObject XML database

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DObject Manual
DObject Help
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